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Where does Orea stand on Radon and Energy Audits

This particular blog is based on what I believe has transpired with views on Radon and Home inspection: According to what I observed in the reading of Bill 59 in Queens Park several factions were allowed to present their perspective/views on Bill 59. Introduced was the topic of Radon inspections […]

Bill 59 Putting Consumers First

Putting Consumers first! Finally we have an Act of Parliament that is supposed to be for the Consumers and their protection. The intention of this long awaited Act is putting consumers first! Ontarioachi ( has been fighting to get licensing for Home Inspection since 2012 and now it […]

Home buying tips – Part 1

Home buying tips Many people like the nostalgia or the look of an old or century home.  So I will talk about old 30+ and century homes 90+ years since being built. First we will talk about the pitfalls of 30+ year old homes. We will start at the top, […]

Radon- You asked!

Radon- You asked!  I have been getting more and more questions about Radon in the last few months. I will attempt to answer some of the questions in this blog. Okay what is Radon gas, well obviously it is colorless, odorless, tasteless cancer causing radioactive gas. It is found naturally […]

Spring cleaning is just around the corner

  Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning, sure it’s dirty work, but there are few things more satisfying than having your house in order. To keep your home energy-efficient all year round, be sure to include your heating, cooling and ventilations systems in your spring cleaning plans. Regular maintenance and cleaning of […]

How to choose a home inspector!

How to choose a home inspector I have heard this question asked many times, I can only add my perspective. The first thing I would look at are his/her experience in general. Does he/she have a background in construction? How much home inspection specific education does he have? Is the […]