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Google Website Blog

Google Website Blog   These are some of my Home Inspector Posts that I have posted on my Google business site that I am sharing. I call them my Google Website Blog enjoy! https://eyespyhomeinspections.business.site  There are a variety of topics discussed; I will try anything …. well almost to get […]

Bill 59 Putting Consumers First

Putting Consumers first! https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-41/session-2/bill-59   Finally, we have an Act of Parliament that is supposed to be for the Consumers and their protection. The intention of this long-awaited Act is putting consumers first! Ontarioachi ( ontarioachi.ca) has been fighting to get licensing for Home Inspection since 2012 and now it […]

Home buying tips – Part 1

Home buying tips   Many people like the nostalgia or the look of an old or century home.  So I will talk about old 30+ and century homes 90+ years since being built. First, we will talk about the pitfalls of 30+ -year old homes. We will start at the […]

How to choose a home inspector!

Choosing a home inspector!   I have heard this question asked many times about choosing a home inspector, I can only add my perspective. The first thing I would look at is his/her experience in general. Does he/she have a background in construction? How much home inspection specific education does […]