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When you choose Eyespy Home Inspections your inspection will be from a Board Certified Master Inspector. Set all of your expectations high.  Scott already has all the qualifications for licensing set out by the MGCS of Ontario.

Home Inspection Services:

Our home inspection services benefit a homeowner selling their home or a REALTOR® listing a home. A pre-listing home inspection will supply you with much-needed information. A pre-listing home inspection, for instance, will give you the time to resolve any issues that could kill a deal.

Services available:

Residential Home Inspection – from $199.00 (condos)

Tarion Inspections, PDI, 30 day, 1 year and up to year seven

Commercial Inspections – multiple inspectors by the sq ft. – Call

Inspection services – with every inspection we look for organic growth. Lab fees are involved for sampling (if necessary).

If deemed necessary by the inspector, an infrared scan may be included (no written IR report).

Mold Inspection only – ancillary charges for organic air and lift/swab samples, a separate report

Radon Inspection Services – ancillary service booked separately from an inspection – lab fees

Infrared services only –  An infrared scan only has a separate ancillary fee with its own written report.

Pre-listing services –  inspect before you sell and avoid disappointments.

Yearly maintenance inspections –

Maintenance Inspections give the homeowner a general overview of the home.  Systems or components that are in need of service or maintenance are identified. Regular maintenance of the home will assure the health and safety of your family and home.

Home Inspection Services 3 Costly Mistakes

Why should we have a Pre-listing Home Inspection?

I have never seen a perfect house, have you? All homes have room for improvement.  A pre-listing home inspection may identify areas that may need improvement. Items that could be used as a negotiation point, can be taken off of the table. The pre-listing inspection takes the worry away.

With the condition of the house disclosed it justifies the listing price more accurately. As a result, the inspection, in turn, eliminates negotiation of the price.


Advantages of a Pre-listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections have become a powerful marketing tool that can help sell your house faster.  This can, in turn, lead to multiple offers. These are two very important points for the vendor to consider.

1)      You get to choose the Home Inspector

2)      For instance, any questionable issues observed, can be discussed.

3)     Certainly, there is less chance of a purchaser walking away if the inspection discloses deficiencies.

4)      An inspection can most importantly take away the “last minute” or “final hour” stress re-negotiations.

5)      A pre-listing inspection can take away the “cold feet syndrome” buyers get.

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