Where does Orea stand on Radon and Energy Audits

This particular blog is based on what I believe has transpired:

According to what I observed in the on goings of Bill 59 in Queens Park several factions were allowed to present their perspective/views ion Bll 59.

As it has been well documented, Home Inspections in the Province are down 60 -70% in 2016 in many areas due to the competitive offers. Home Inspectors and Government know that the Realtors are advising against Home Inspections so that they can present a clean offer with NO conditions….does this benefit the buyer…NO! Buyers may get the house and they may too get their worst nightmare …again well documented.

Even sellers caught onto this and informed their representative not to bring any offers that had a condition of inspection….didn’t this set off alarm bells to anyone?

Most Home Inspectors are able to offer many services including Radon testing and Home Energy Audits

My interpretation of what Orea said at the presentations was this …they said that they were Okay with Mandatory energy Audits…they were Okay with Mandatory Radon Inspections…both pre listing….so why not Home Inspections…they could all be done at the same time by the same individual. So if this was all done in one day would that be so detrimental to getting the listing out there? The buyer would actually know what they are getting at time of purchase. No wait for an inspection, NO wait for Radon or Energy Audit. Everything would be done before the listing went on the market. Based on these prerequisites adjustments to the house price may be necessary to put a TRUE value on the home.  The only condition then would be financing if needed.

These costs initially would be paid by the seller and passed on with the sale of the home.

So what is Orea really saying here, is it that Home Inspections cause deals to be killed? A Home Inspector doesn’t kill a deal, it is the findings in the home that causes the purchasers to kill the deal. Yes there are incompetent inspectors out there just like there are incompetent REA’S out there. Choose wisely until licensing comes into effect.

This is about the consumer not getting ripped off plain and simple!